Four years of Mudnificent 7

Mudnificent 7 is an Obstacle Course Race and Expo organised by Obstacle Race Magazine. The event is held at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre, near Coventry. The idea of the race is that the course is designed by seven different race organisations, each having a section in which to showcase their race. This means as a participant, you get a taster of seven different races, in one!

The first event was in 2015 and the reputation and expo have grown each year. As for the course, despite the fact that some races have been one of the seven on more than one occasion, the race has felt different and challenging but fun every year.

At the finish, each participant receives a medal and t-shirt, plus there is free race photography (always good for a new profile pic to show what you’ve achieved).

Here’s a look back at the race organisations who have been part of this event so far, along with some of the cracking race photography:

2015 – Airfield Anarchy, Ram Run, Reaper Events, Aztec Warrior, Bear Grylls Survival Race, Tough Guy, Big Foot Challenge

2016 – Zeus Races, Big Foot Challenge, The Reaper OCR, Rock Solid Race, Go Hard Events, Rocket Race, Fun Colour Rush

2017 – Urban Attack, The Suffering Obstacle Race, Rocket Race, The Reaper OCR, Ram Run, Extreme Events, Big Foot Challenge, Zombie Evacuation

2018 – Ram Run, Go Feral, Aztec Escape, Muddy Furlong, The Reaper OCR, Insane Terrain Running, The Elements

The event always receives great reviews and has a good mix of elite, race team, fun runners and first timers as participants. While it is a timed event, the general feeling is that because of the nature of the course, it’s just a great experience, and the time taken isn’t really a big consideration for most.

I have always taken part in this as part of a team. Due to the fact that each race organisation is showcasing its event, there can be some pretty tough obstacles involved, so it’s always good to have team support.

This year I was in a team of four with my partner and two ladies who I met as clients of a bootcamp I used to instruct. We ran as team ‘Jenni Whatley Personal Training’ and all worked well together as a team overcoming some obstacles we’d never done before.

Since this event is over 100 miles from my home, it’s become tradition to make a weekend of it and camp at Cliff Lakes (near Tamworth), who dedicate an area of their campsite to racers for the weekend. It’s a beautiful place to camp and only 10 miles from the event . Cliff Lakes isn’t just a camp site though, it’s also a water sports centre and has an award winning OCR training facility.

So, as you can see, Mudnificent 7 is a weekend where the whole OCR community comes together to race, party together and generally celebrate all things OCR.

For more information about Mudnificent 7 or Cliff Lakes check out their Facebook pages or visit their websites

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