Training Week 7

When I started this journey I said I wanted people to be able to follow my training, because that’s where the hard work is. So I’m aiming to get back to weekly blogs to sum up my week and to keep myself motivated, because it’s starting to get hard!

Week 6 was a struggle, it was really hot and my training took a big hit because of that. I work most mornings, so I wasn’t able to go out early to avoid the heat as I already get up early for work. I thought about getting some training in on a treadmill, but just couldn’t face that, I run to feel free not to feel enclosed and restricted, as a treadmill makes me feel.

So, onto this week. Tuesday was due to be a speed work session, but because I’d trained very little the week before I went out for 5km (3.1 miles) and unintentionally made it a progressive run, each mile quicker than the last with a sprint tagged onto the end. Considering I’m not used to sustaining a fast pace for any length of time, I felt good when I finished, surprisingly good.

Wednesdays are always ‘easy run’ days, as a recovery, however it’s also my CrossFit day; my way of having the best of both keeping my hand in with CrossFit and doing some strength training (which very much benefits runners). The session started with working on Floor Press (like a bench press but laying on the floor) and I set a new 1 rep max, great start to the day! We then moved onto some work with dumbbells; namely snatch, overhead reverse lunge and hang clean and jerk. This meant that by the end of the session my whole body had a pretty good workout, so I made the decision not to run.

Moving on to Thursday, which was due to be a 50 minute tempo session. Tempo is best described as running at a pace where if you tried to speak, you’d only be able to get out a couple of words at a time. I went out early in the afternoon and it was hot! I plugged into some music to keep me going and managed to get to 40 minutes, sustaining my tempo pace before deciding the heat was too much.

My Saturday runs are always an easy run of between three and five miles, so I had been using Parkrun for this. The last couple of weekends I’ve woken and felt the need for more sleep, so that’s what I did. I need to break this habit next weekend because every run has it’s purpose.

My long runs have now really stepped up, this Sunday was due to be 16 miles, just outside of my comfort zone. I had a route and a plan in place for pacing it, but anxiety and tiredness got the better of me. I have joint hypermobility and this causes periods of fatigue. I slept for almost 12 hours on Saturday night! Determined not to let another week go by with no long run, I squeezed in a 2 hour run with my friend Jay on Monday. We covered 12 miles with over 1,000ft of elevation!

This week I’m determined to not continue letting my training slip, plus I go on holiday the following week so I need to be back in the swing of things to make sure I keep it up while away.

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