About Me

I love adventure racing, trail running, road running, and obstacle racing. I am also a CrossFit enthusiast with an interest in rowing. I hope to inspire and encourage others with the stories of my adventures and maybe give some tips!

Everyone has their own reasons for working out; for me it’s to push myself to the limits, to see just what I can achieve when I try. If you ever doubt your own abilities, remember, everyone starts somewhere. You are only limited by your own mind. Check out my blog ‘Where it all began…’ to see how and where I started out.

I qualified as a level 2 Fitness Instructor in January 2016 and have been working in the industry since June 2016. I went on to qualify as a level 3 Personal Trainer in December 2017 and this has been my sole profession since February 2018. I am registered and insured with the Register of Exercise Professionals.

As my main interest is running and running related sports, I qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness in February 2018 with UKA. As such I am insured with UKA and have an enhanced DBS certificate. I am also currently working towards becoming a Coach in Running Fitness.

I started out instructing an early morning bootcamp and did this for almost two years, before deciding it was time to move on to ventures of my own. During my time with the bootcamp I helped my clients achieve some great results with both weight/fat loss and improvements in strength. I’ve also raised awareness of the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle with many people and coached and motivated people to achieve goals they never thought possible.

I get real enjoyment from helping people develop themselves and their abilities in order to achieve their personal goals.  I am very passionate that personal training should be exactly that, a personal service for each individual I work with.